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Rob has always been creating in some form or another since he was a child. He once rewrote the entire movie script of his then-favorite movie, 3 Ninjas, adding himself in as the 4th brother of the main characters. When he reached middle school, he tried desperately (and failed) to impress people with his breakdance moves. Enamored with hip-hop, he dabbled in other forms of the culture (deejaying, graffiti) until eventually finding his passion for writing rhymes and recording songs. He began recording his own music at the start of high school, in the early 2000s, when home recording studios were still rare. He eventually became a local celebrity for his prolific song recordings and freestyle battle raps in the high school cafeteria.

While in college, his drive for music began to wane and so he needed a new and inspiring creative outlet. He decided to face his fears and try his hand at acting, a desire that had been growing in him while working at an independent movie rental store in high school. Pursuing his love for movies and self-expression in the form of acting birthed a whole new outlook on himself. He began a journey of self-discovery required to portray characters with the honesty, vulnerability, and truth he knew to be essential of great performances.

Rob continues that journey, acting and making music in New York City. He lives in Hamilton Heights with his partner and cat.


My Heavenly City premiered in Taiwan and is set to premiere in Hong Kong in October 2023. The film stars several prominent Chinese actors but was shot in New York City.

The film follows several characters navigating their lives in NYC. I was fortunate enough to share a scene with the star, Vivian Sung, playing a lawyer. You can hear one of my lines in the trailer below around the 0:18 second mark.

Shot in summer 2022, "Nothing Even Matters" follows two high school seniors and the adventure they go on after finding a brown bag full of money. Shot, written, and directed by Alejandro Ferrandiz

In the film I play a local drug dealer who's drugged-up, sleep-deprived, and desperate to get his drop money back.

Check out the trailer above!

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